Arista Network Maintenance

Technology evolves quickly and there comes a time when it is paramount for Arista users to transition to newer platforms, therefore releasing used network hardware.  BASE IT welcome the opportunity to speak with companies in this position as we can offer a varity of options regarding a potential financial return. Alternatively, we could deliver a viable support package against these End of Life (EOL) products and in doing so, extending the life of your vital network beyond the manufacturers' 'end of support life date'. All our support and professional services are cost effective and integrate seamlessly helping you obtain more from your network hardware. 


Supporting Arista hardware

Arista Networks pioneered software-driven cloud networking for large scale data centre and campus environments. The award winning platforms range in Ethernet speeds from 10 to 400 gigabits per second and redefine scalability, agility and resiliance. More than 20 million cloud networking ports have been shipped worldwide with Arista's Extensible Operating System (EOS) and CloudVision.

Arista's EOS is a network operating system with single-image consistency across hardware platforms, including modern core architecture enabling in-service upgrades and application. BASE IT has multiple service and hardware support options to  help extend the life of your Arista network. We are an independent and vender agnostic IT hardware and services provider. Speak with a consultant to see if we can tailor a hardware support solution to meet your current requirements. Our aim is to provide a cost effective and flexible approach without complication.

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Asset residual value for Arista hardware

Our unique Arista network ARV service could provide you with the potential to tailor a cost neutral maintenance agreement for Arista network hardware that is now either post warranty, End of Life or End of Service Life (EOL / EOSL). Our service enables customers with Arista network hardware in various  stages of a lifecycle program to place extended maintenance support, irrespective whether 3,6,9 or even 12 months of support is required, effectively creating a cost neutral solution.

We enable a cost neutral maintenance solution to be delivered through the residual value in your Arista network hardware that we would remove at the end of the agreed maintenance support term. Services for secure decommissioning and removal in line with internal compliance requirements will also form part of the hardware lifecycle services program discussion. 

If you have no requirement for a support service, our ARV service can still benefit you. We can provide you with a residual value quotation for your IT server, storage and network hardware and discuss the decommissioning and data erasure process, enabling you to obtain a far greater return on your initial capital investment. There is no obligation in obtaining an ARV quotation, but it allows you to explore if this service could be viable and beneficial for you.

Find out more by contacting us or initially uploading a respective IT hardware spreadsheet.


BASE IT Key Hardware Maintenance Service Benefits

  • Global Spares Availability
  • Pro-rata Co-terminate support dates
  • Operational Savings
  • Short term project based support solutions
  • IT Decommissioning
  • Data Erasure
  • ARV Service
  • Professional Services
  • Hardware Audits
  • Data / Platform Migrations
  • Hardware Procurement
  • IT Hardware removal / relocation
  • IT Hardware rental
  • Consultancy
  • DMR (Digital Media Retention)
  • On-Site Hardware spare cache
  • System email alert configuration
  • Technical support desk

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