Service Level Agreements

At times we find ourselves looking for a solution to remedy our immediate maintenance support challenge, but the requirement we are looking for may be for a small percentage of what a full support contract would deliver. The difficulty is to justify the expense of a comprehensive maintenance contract when you have the technical resources in house. BASE IT resolves this challenge by being able to provide you with platform specific hardware parts, service desk and remote support only contracts.

BASE IT specialises in server and storage maintenance support services and understands that organisations today are not just looking for rigid annual support contracts with no flexibility, but totally the opposite. We understand that the majority of organisations may have a degree of internal technical resource available to them.

The flexibility for short-term maintenance support contracts to cover an array of projects or finding a maintenance support provider that can deliver specific End of Life legacy support at various times of an IT infrastructure's lifecycle can be valuable.

Obtaining constant feedback from clients is important and valuable to BASE IT. It allows us to identify and extend our service to existing and prospective new clients and acknowledges that we listen. Feedback that we have received from our clients is that engineering continuity, first time fix for service resolution, hardware parts and immediate access to third line technical resources are paramount.

Maintenance Support Services

The general task of managing maintenance and support contracts can be a costly time-consuming task, especially if your IT infrastructure has grown through necessity. Piecemeal IT growth can bring its own challenges, which if left unchecked at times can lead to systems being unintentionally unsupported. BASE IT can work with you to assist and slowly bring those systems under a master maintenance service agreement by the pro-rata of systems to co-terminate on a chosen specific date to fall in line with new manufacturers support contract dates.

The following are some but not inclusive of the service levels that BASE IT provides.

Service Level Parts on Site Service Desk Remote Support Engineer to site

Tier 1






Tier 2






Tier 3






*All our service levels are 4hr response, but can be upgraded depending on the nature and geographical location of equipment currently being supported. All critical parts are supplied as standard with all our maintenance support contracts including a service desk and remote support readily available to establish a service resolution promptly.

BASE IT Key Hardware Maintenance Service Benefits

  • Global Spares Availability
  • Pro-rata Co-terminate support dates
  • Operational Savings
  • Short term project based support solutions
  • IT Decommissioning
  • Data Erasure
  • ARV Service
  • Professional Services
  • Hardware Audits
  • Data / Platform Migrations
  • Hardware Procurement
  • IT Hardware removal / relocation
  • IT Hardware rental
  • Consultancy
  • DMR (Digital Media Retention)
  • On-Site Hardware spare cache
  • System email alert configuration
  • Technical support desk

Not sure which service best suits your needs?

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