Dell Maintenance Support

The Dell EqualLogic storage arrays have and still provide the functionality, flexibility and practicality for a large majority of organisations today. The ability to continually add additional capacity due to its modular agricultural design provides clients with the necessary scale out technology as they require it. The inclusion to be able to additionally add mixed generation arrays to a group without configuration conflicts by updating the software to the latest release has allowed clients not to constantly seek new storage solutions when their present systems have reached their maximum capacity. 

Third party Dell maintenance

Do you have a Dell EqualLogic storage array that requires continued maintenance support, are you looking for a support partner that provides a refreshing flexible approach to maintenance support?

At BASE IT we look to exceed these basic requirements which you should expect from your preferred IT support partner. Our aim is to make the supporting and maintaining of critical server and storage systems for customers an easy and uncomplicated process.

We are able to deliver a  viable and sustainable alternative option to extend the life of Dell EqualLogic systems past the ‘end of life’ or 'end of service life' announcements and we can assist organisations by offering a cost effective solution for mission critical systems. This solution significantly reduces your total cost of ownership and also generates a greater return from your initial capital expenditure on IT storage hardware. We are also able to supply cost effective hardware upgrades for additional capacity on EqualLogic systems which includes and incorporates full installation and configuration work carried out by experienced field engineers. Contact us to see if we can provide the assurances you require to explore an alternative maintenance support service.


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Asset residual value for Dell hardware

Our unique Dell storage ARV service could provide you with the potential to tailor a cost neutral maintenance agreement for Dell storage hardware that is now either post warranty, End of Life or End of Service Life (EOL / EOSL). Our service enables customers with Dell storage hardware in various  stages of a lifecycle program to place extended maintenance support, irrespective whether 3,6,9 or even 12 months of support is required, effectively creating a cost neutral solution.

We enable a cost neutral maintenance solution to be delivered through the residual value in your Dell storage hardware that we would remove at the end of the agreed maintenance support term. Services for secure decommissioning and data erasure in line with internal compliance requirements will also form part of the hardware lifecycle services program discussion. 

If you have no requirement for a support service, our ARV service can still benefit you. We can provide you with a residual value quotation for your IT server and storage hardware and discuss the decommissioning and data erasure process, enabling you to obtain a far greater return on your initial capital investment. There is no obligation in obtaining an ARV quotation, but it allows you to explore if this service could be viable and beneficial for you.

Find out more by contacting us or initially uploading a respective IT hardware spreadsheet.


BASE IT Key Hardware Maintenance Service Benefits

  • Global Spares Availability
  • Pro-rata Co-terminate support dates
  • Operational Savings
  • Short term project based support solutions
  • IT Decommissioning
  • Data Erasure
  • ARV Service
  • Professional Services
  • Hardware Audits
  • Data / Platform Migrations
  • Hardware Procurement
  • IT Hardware removal / relocation
  • IT Hardware rental
  • Consultancy
  • DMR (Digital Media Retention)
  • On-Site Hardware spare cache
  • System email alert configuration
  • Technical support desk

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