Supermicro Superserver Maintenance

Support for your Supermicro Superservers

BASE IT provides organisations with a viable and sustainable alternative option to extend the life of their Supermicro Superservers by being able to provide recommended hardware upgrade options, which includes and incorporates full installation and configuration work carried out by experienced technical field engineers. Our ability to continue providing an alternative server maintenance support service for Supermicro Superservers further assists organisations by offering a cost effective solution for mission critical Supermicro servers. This solution significantly reduces your total cost of ownership and also generates a greater return from your initial capital expenditure on IT server hardware.

BASE  IT provides a flexible approach to organisations who are looking to partly or fully integrate into their organisation maintenance and support services for current or historical server systems. These service levels range from Next Business Day (NBD) to 24x7x4 hour response. Our maintenance and support services range from Parts Only to telephone and remote support. Our service level pages outlines these and additional services in detail.

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BASE IT Supermicro Superserver Maintenance Support Benefits
  • Technical diagnosis and repair of Supermicro Superservers
  • Level 3 Engineer assigned to an account
  • Global service availability
  • Maintenance support for current and end of life Supermicro equipment
  • Pro-Rata and Co-terminate support dates
  • Site audits/surveys
  • Data / Platform migration
  • IT Decommissioning
  • Data Erasure
  • Highly experienced, specially trained technical field engineers
  • On-site spare parts cache
  • Various methods to raise a fault call ticket
  • Helpdesk assistance
  • Firmware and Operating System recommendations
  • Professional Services
    • Consultancy
    • VMware
    • Hardware upgrades
  • Flexible short & long-term maintenance support contracts
  • Hardware rental
  • DMR (Digital Media Retention)
  • Operational savings

Supermicro Superserver Spec Sheets

Supported Systems

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