IT Maintenance

Our approach to IT maintenance support services is that there is no one size fits all. That is why we introduced our ARV service to meet the needs of customers looking for more from an IT partner.

BASE IT delivers sustainable and innovative cost containment hardware lifecycle solutions. Our cost-neutral ARV IT maintenance service is a viable option for helping companies meet short and long term IT business objectives without the associated risk. Our consultants can tailor your specific requirements to a support or services plan helping overcome those everyday IT challenges.

BASE IT Maintenance Support Services

We understand that storage systems are at the core of your business. When these systems are off line it is of paramount importance to quickly and effectively establish a service resolution. Our IT maintenance and support services at BASE IT are tailored specifically to directly meet those needs allowing your business to continue operating smoothly and efficiently.

We have a wealth of experience in maintaining storage systems of all leading manufacturers. We provide the reassurance and support needed for organisations with manufacturers' end of life and legacy storage systems to continue using these systems, with the peace of mind that service levels will be maintained.

BASE IT provides a flexible approach to organisations who are looking to partly or fully integrate maintenance and support services into their organisation for current or historical storage systems. These service levels range from Next Business Day (NBD) to 24x7x4 hour.

Require IT Maintenance?

Looking for continued IT maintenance now that your initial warranty has come to an end or even reached manufacturers' End of Life?

Require a practical and viable alternative maintenance support option rather than extending support with the manufacturer?

Continued manufacturer support too costly and an unwelcome expense from your current allocated budget?

BASE IT provides maintenance and support services for EMC, NetApp and HDS systems which delivers a practical solution without the associated risk to service. We understand that these systems may be mission critical to your business and mitigating risk is a priority when looking for an alternative solution. Contact us to see if we can provide the assurances that you require to explore an alternative maintenance support service.


Not sure which service best suits your needs?

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